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Using Personalization with social media

Every marketer knows the growing importance of maintaining an active social media campaign in any marketing plan. Social Media allows you to interact with your customers daily in a direct and meaningful way, to get feedback, and to engage in real-time dialogue. But other than maintaining your social media accounts and advertising opportunities on popular sites like Facebook and Foursquare, is there a way to use the growing popularity of social media to connect with your clients?

One under-used method is to create “Brand Advocates” and use personalization technoligies such as Oracle Real-Time Decisions to present special offers to them.  Brand Advocates are your most socially active customers; customers that tweet numerous times a day, have more Facebook friends than they could ever possibly list, and can easily be located by their active FourSquare accounts at any time. What makes these socially over-active customers so valuable is the size of their captive audience and the influence they have over them.

Recognizing these customers as Brand Advocates allows Oracle Real-Time Decisions to select special offers to present to them. For example, a customer logs into her cell phone provider’s website to pay her monthly balance. Oracle RTD recognizes her as a Brand Advocate and presents an offer for an exclusive new Smart Phone that isn’t yet available to the public. Considering how actively she uses social networking sites, she is eager to upgrade from her Talk-and-Text phone. She accepts the offer and receives her new phone shortly.  In no time at all, she is talking, tweeting, and blogging about this exclusive new phone to all of her friends, reaching potential new customers before the phone has even been released!

Oracle Real-Time Decisions can even be used to identify customers as “Brand Advocates”.  By tracking customers that refer offers to their friends and seeing what attributes are unique about them, RTD can model customers based on whether or not they have influence. For example, you can create an email campaign that offers a new cell phone to existing customers with a unique tracking code for each email. After sending the email out to customers, you can trace the tracking codes to see which codes generate clicks from more than just the original recipient.  This allows you to track which customers forwarded the email to their friends and how many of their friends clicked on the offer; determining that those customers are more influential.  In the future, Oracle RTD can treat those influencers uniquely to ensure that they always have a positive experience.

By recognizing Brand Advocates with Oracle Real-Time Decisions, you can create buzz around any new product or service. And because people trust comments and recommendations from their friends, recommendations from Brand Advocates can be a lot more effective than traditional advertising methods.  Use Personalization with Oracle Real-Time Decisions to transform your most socially active customers into champions of your brand!

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