Increasing sales through personalized in-bound marketing

As consumers become weary of the thousands of advertisements they see each day, more and more they start to look in the other direction, ignoring offers that they might otherwise be interested in. Traditional “Outbound Marketing Strategies” such as mailers, emails, and cold calls are proving to be less and less effective. Increasing subscriber opt-outs and growing “do not call” lists have made reaching customers harder than ever. As companies clamor to change their marketing strategies, the most successful marketers are looking at the tools they already have in place. With this turn away from out-bound marketing techniques, in-bound strategies are taking on a new importance.

Inbound Marketing utilizes services you are already offering your customers: your website, social media accounts, and blogs. Instead of intruding on consumers by interrupting them to advertise a product or service, smart marketers are taking advantage of situations where the consumer is already engaged. While inbound strategies are proving be the future of successful marketing, one of the biggest overlooked opportunities in inbound marketing is something most companies already have in place: call centers.

Presenting offers to customers calling into a call center is nothing new; traditional methods have agents referring to precomputed lists of appropriate offers. But these lists have serious limitations; they cannot account for the context of the interaction between the customer and the company. Personalization with Oracle Real-Time Decisions presents relevant, current offers to the agent and can take into account the reason for the call, recent transactions, exact state of the account, time of interaction, and call method (mobile device, computer, home phone, etc.). There are an almost infinite number of inputs available with Oracle RTD, and over 200 real-time inputs that offer the customer the most relevant experience possible.

Personalization even allows for this information to be shared between channels. Imagine a customer calling in to a call center for his telecommunications provider. The agent helps him sort out the Cable TV issue he called in about, and in the process discovers that the customer is on a competitor’s cell phone plan. While the customer is interested in bundling his services, his current cell phone contract does not expire for another 8 months. Personalization between channels allows an outbound campaign to be launched for this customer just prior to him renewing his contract with the competing service provider.

By personalizing offers from service agents, customer support lines and call centers can become a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Optimization with Oracle Real-Time Decisions allows your call center employees to engage in personalized dialogues, creating meaningful interactions that improve the customer’s experience and generate sales.

By understanding customer preferences, purchases, and past interactions, call center employees can suggest only the offers that the caller is most likely to respond to. Oracle RTD allows your call center agents to present the right offer to the right customer at the right time, making your call centers the front-line of your marketing strategy.

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